This machine is a new mechanism in which the dust is to be blown off instantly by the high compressed air adopting jet-ultra venturi type and top inlet, have a particular efficiency to prevent decreasing dust collecting efficiency but can increase the dust shaking cycle time.

This dust collecter is a new outside filtering type collector having high colleting efficiency and high filtering speed.

So far, general filter has divided into several chambers in construction having the variation of air volume and limitation of dust collecting cycle time etc., For example, it is not suitable for heavy gas pollution due to the variation of air volume and influence of all equipment. This machine can shorten the dust collecting cycle time to ten percent, it is able to make use of shaking off dust to prevent the varation of air volume and get the high filtering speed. Up to this time, when operation often occurs the problem of replacing filter cloths, it has been improved greatly greatly by using the top-access type and the snap ring type and is almost idealized a new model in this machine.

(1) Use the ultra jet-venturi type the dust to be blown off instantly by the high compressed air jet and it can prevent the decrease of dust collecting efficiency just after shaking off dust.
(2) Because of the dust is to be blown off instantly, therefore, the pressure-loss keeps constantly and almost no air volume variation and has high efficiency.
(3) It's very easy to inspect and replace of filter cloths from outside of the machine by the top-access.
(4) Use the snap ring type easy and quickly for removing and setting filter cloths, also good in sealing when on operation.
(5) Only ten percent of the dust collecting cycle time of general type collector.
(6) Assures the stable control and best dust collecting performance by suing solid state timer.
(7) To be suitable for collecting heavy polluted gas best.