Roller Conveyor-Type Shot Blasting Machines

By drawing on the rollers to convey workpieces, this machine is both simple and easy in operation. All the operator needs to do is place at the entrance of the shot blasting tunnel an workpiece to be processed, which the rollers are used to deliver through the tunnel for workpiece shot-blasting operation. The steel shots from the vane wheels installed on every direction in high-speed rotation shoot out in high speed and high density without any dead space striking on the workpiece surface, making the molding sand, rust, or the oxidized film attached on the workpiece come off. Moreover, the tiles with a smooth surface can increase their coarseness on their surface to further enhance their slip-prevention effect after the shot blasting operation by this machine.

  • The speed of the rollers is adjustable depending on the treatment of the workpiece.
  • It can even process large-sized workpieces, e.g., I-iron, L-section steel, steel-structure material, iron plates, large casts, the solder workpiece of machine base, and large heat-treatment workpieces.

  • Conveyor-Type Shot Blasting Machines

    This machine utilizes the rubber conveyor belt to deliver products for shot blasting. The conveyor belt rotates to deliver the workpiece directly through the shot-blasting tunnel. During the shot blasting of the workpiece, the blasting vane wheels installed on every direction shoot out continuously the tiny copper shots in high speed striking in high density on the surface of the workpiece without any dead space, making the oxidized film, friction traces, or rust fall off. The surface of the workpiece after this operation will be clean and pleasing to the eye, ready for the treatment process in next step.

  • It is usually used in the surface shot-blasting of the iron plates, glass, all types of structural steel, zinc or aluminum die-casting products, and aluminum doors and windows.

  • Belt Delivery-Type Shot Blasting Machines

    This machine delivers workpieces by using the belt, directly sending them through the tunnel for shot blasting. Originally it was used to shot-blast various kinds of steel or aluminum-made products. Recently after our elaborate innovation efforts, currently the vane wheels, provided with the advantages of high speed, continuity, and high density, are used to rotate the steel shots to shot-blast the tiles, enabling them to increase the coarseness on their surface and thereby to tremendously enhance the slip-prevention effect, and making the tiles look more three-dimensional and artistic. This is really a shot blasting machine that kills two birds with one stone.