Guann Shin (or Diung Shin) Mechanics Co., established in 1978, is the professional manufacturer who has stayed the longest time in engaging in automatic shot blasting machines in Taiwan. We are equipped with rich experiences and excellent skills.

In light of the technological development that makes progress with giant strides and of the shortage in domestic manpower that is becoming more and more serious, environment awareness gradually becomes a concern, while all trades and professions are joining in the field of automation one after another. In response to the trend in the industry, we have researched and developed a variety of specific automatic shot blasting machines without pollution, such as drum-type shot blasting machines, table-type shot blasting machines, and suspension-type shot blasting machines.

Accumulating years of experiences, we have launched in succession new types of machines applicable to surface treatments for all kinds of workpieces, enabling the processed products to be more versatile and allowing the clients to have more options. In so doing, it renders a plus for the enhancement of the yield, the reduction of the production cost, and the increase of the added value. Meeting the needs of our clients is exactly our business goal, and at the same time a perfect after-sale service system for our clients is absolutely our only article of faith. Given this, hopefully both our old and new acquaintances will continue to give supports and to offer criticisms and advices.